Are you in need of a heat pump repair?

Have you noticed that your heat pump has been having issues? If so, it’s probably time to have an expert come and take a look at it, to determine what repairs need to be done, or if it might be time for a replacement. You can always count on Ocean Air to give you an honest and fair assessment of the problem at hand, recommend the best solution, and perform quality work.

What does the heat pump do?

The whole purpose of the heat pump is to make sure you stay comfortable. They work to transfer air from outside your home to inside your home. During the summer, this will help to cool your home, and during the winter, it will help to keep your home warm. Depending on the particular heat pump that you have, the source of that air could either be from outside air, water, or even the ground. Count on Ocean Air to have the necessary understanding of your cooling and heating system and how to complete the needed repairs.

Finding the source of the problem

When we come to work on your heat pump, we aren’t going to just put a bandaid fix on it. We are going to listen to your observation, provide a physical assess the equipment, and run diagnostics to get to the heart of the problem. We will then make sure to make any necessary repairs, or when necessary, recommend the best equipment replacement for you.  The most common repairs for heat pumps are going to involve either repairing or replacing the pump itself.

If you are needing heat pump repairs or any other HVAC services, give Ocean Air a call today at 480-358-9435 or fill out the form on our contact page, and we’ll be in touch shortly! We look forward to hearing from you!