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Anyone who has spent any time in Mesa, AZ, during the long summer season knows just how oppressive dry desert heat can be, even when engaging in mundane activities that require little exertion. While bearing the heat outdoors is unavoidable, the indoor solution to combatting high temperatures is simple: air conditioners.

During June through September, it is common for residents in the Mesa area to experience temperatures above 100 degrees. Even the spring and fall months can be warm, forcing residents to rely on their trusty AC system. Fortunately, local Mesa HVAC companies offer an affordable and efficient process for having an AC installed to help you elude the draining heat when you are at your home or business.

How to Choose the Right AC

The life expectancy of most AC units is 15 to 20 years, depending on several factors. Living in Mesa, AZ, you are likely to make frequent use of your unit, so it’s worth it to choose a quality model that is durable, reliable and easy to maintain. Whether you are installing a new unit or replacing an old unit, you should also take energy efficiency into consideration. Efficiency, which basically describes the amount of cooling a unit delivers per each watt of electricity, is expressed as its seasonal energy-efficiency rating, or SEER. You can lower your monthly energy costs by seeking a product with a higher SEER.

When it comes to high-end AC systems, Rheem is an industry leader. Their innovative products are designed to provide optimal comfort and efficiency through dependable performance. Rheem’s series of AC systems also come backed with warranties and guaranteed support.

The Ocean Air Experience

As you embark on the journey of selecting and installing a new or replacement AC unit, you don’t have to go it alone. Ocean Air’s highly skilled and qualified technicians understand the complicated process of choosing a suitable AC system for your home or business and all the variables you must consider. They provide knowledgeable assistance every step of the way and only provide top-of-the-line systems, so you can have peace of mind you are getting your money’s worth and will stay consistently cool and comfortable during the upcoming summer months.

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