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5 Ways to Make Your Air Conditioner Last

By February 21, 2019No Comments

While the average lifespan of most air conditioners is 15 years, your actions can have a big influence on its longevity. Below are five tips to help increase your air conditioner lifespan in your favor.

5-ways-to-make-your-air-conditioner-lastArrange for Annual Preventive Maintenance

It’s better to pay a service technician to clean and inspect your unit annually than it is to pay for major repairs due to lack of maintenance. Examples of services a technician will perform include checking the motor, blower, refrigerant levels, supply lines, outdoor condenser coils, and air filter. They will also provide you with a written report of service recommendations at the end of the visit.

Change the Air Filter Regularly

As dirt and other particles enter into your air conditioner, the filter traps them to protect your equipment. However, an air filter will become inefficient if you rarely clean or change it. We recommend that you check your filter monthly and change it as necessary.

Schedule a Periodic Energy Audit

You could be wasting hundreds of dollars every year because your home is not as efficient as it could be. Arranging for an energy audit is a good way to make sure that you have adequate insulation and no major leaks that allow for infiltration of unconditioned air. To perform a quick DIY audit, go to

Avoid Constantly Changing the Temperature

Your body temperature and comfort level changes throughout the day, which means you may frequently adjust the setting on the air conditioner. Keep in mind that the more your unit starts and stops, the more energy it uses and the more damage it incurs.

Consider a Programmable or WiFi Thermostat

This enables you to keep the house at a higher temperature during the day when no one is home and then gradually cool to a more comfortable temperature before people start arriving home. You can even purchase a unit with vacation and weekend settings. It’s an easy way to conserve energy without having to think too much about it. A WiFi thermostat allows you to control the temperature from your smartphone. This can be especially helpful for people who don’t have a set M-F schedule.

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