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A Maintenance Plan that pays for itself.

Ever feel like you’re being “nickel and dimed”? You know the drill. A heating and cooling company offers a maintenance plan or a free or very low-cost inspection of your air conditioning unit; then makes a ton of recommendations that ends up costing you a lot of money you didn’t expect to spend. Unfortunately, this happens all too often in the air conditioning and heating industry.

The other situation that occurs is that you forget about checking on your air conditioning and filtration systems, and as soon as outside temperatures hit over 100 degrees, BAM, the a/c stops working.

That’s why Ocean Air offers Total Care. You no longer have to worry about surprise expenses from a poorly running air conditioner. With Ocean Air’s Total Care, we make sure your cooling system is running optimally year round. We guarantee it. If your system breaks down within 90 days of our service, your diagnostic fee is waived! We also include services that many of our competitors try to sell as extras (see benefits).




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