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A Loss Of Power Can Be Devastating If You Haven’t Prepared

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Winter winds or a summer thunderstorm can result in a loss of power, which can create uncomfortable conditions in your home. Being prepared for a power outage will help you endure with no electricity, any time of year.

  • Add insulation to your attic or ceiling. Heat naturally moves toward cold, so in the winter, your ceilings transfer heat from your home. In the summer, heat seeps into your structure. Seal any cracks between your window frames and the exterior and add weatherstripping to your exterior doors to reduce air infiltration.
  • Have an instant-read thermometer on hand to measure the temperature of your food in the refrigerator. If the food inside reaches 40 degrees or higher, throw it away. Depending on how long the loss of power endures, your food stays warmer if you don’t open the doors. During the summer, consider throwing blankets over the appliance to better insulate it. You can also put the food in an insulated cooler.
  • Store shelf-ready food that is easy to heat outdoors with a barbecue. Never use the barbecue indoors, summer or winter.
  • Know how to disconnect your garage door opener so you can leave your home during a loss of power.
  • Master shutting the water off to your home and draining the pipes during the winter. Although it’s rare, winter lows can fall below freezing and during a loss of power, your pipes may freeze and burst.
  • Learn where to turn off your heating and cooling equipment. When the power comes back on, it may damage the electrical components in these appliances, as well as other electronics in your home. Leave a low wattage lamp on so you know when the power returns.
  • Stay cooler indoors in the summer by using wet washcloths or taking tepid showers. Dress in layers in the winter to retain body heat.

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Our goal is to help educate our customers about energy and home comfort issues (specific to HVAC systems).  For more information about power loss and other HVAC topics, download our free Home Comfort Resource guide.

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